Heathfield School in Ascot – rated ‘Excellent’ across all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate – is thrilled to be celebrating another year of stellar GCSE results. Across the board, 45% of grades received by Heathfield students were in the top 9-7/A*-A category.

Core subjects continued to impress, with a 100% pass in Maths and English Language and 32% of girls securing a 9-7/A*-A in Maths, 78% gaining a 9-6/A*AB in English Language and 72% 9-7/A*-A in English Literature. In addition, 4 girls who took their Maths GCSE a year early attained straight 9s/A*s and will now move on to Further Maths GCSE.

Heathfield students proved their ability to shine in all areas of the curriculum, excelling in both the arts and sciences. An incredible 85% of Art students attained 9-7s, whilst History saw an impressive 83% of students secure 9-7s. Every student taking Physics achieved a 9 or 8, whilst Chemistry saw every student earn a 9-7. Other subjects attaining the highest grade bracket of 9-7 included English Literature and Religious Studies, with 72% and 83% respectively.

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