All Heathfield students are encouraged to consider ways that they can contribute to both the local and international communities as well as the school community. All students are actively involved in a wide variety of volunteering activities, partnerships and fundraising events, both large and small.

In association with The Kindness Bank, Sixth Formers are working on sustainability projects within the United Nations 17 Global Goals with the aim to create a better world by 2030. Starting with recycling projects and social and economic sustainability, students research and put into practice everything that they learn about better and more sustainable habits and processes.

PHAB encourages and supports the self-confidence and independence of both disabled and non-disabled children, and we are pleased to be continuing our involvement with PHAB by setting up a weekly get together at Heathfield. Students enjoy helping the children in activities such as painting and music which provides an hour or two of respite for the parents.

Heathfield has a strong link with the Oscar Foundation who visited us in 2018. Students raised funds to fly fifteen girls from the Mumbai slums to the UK for a life-changing two-week sport and education tour. The OSCAR Foundation drives social change by encouraging gender equality in underprivileged communities through football and education. The link continues with visits by the Founder of Oscar and with students going to Mumbai to volunteer.

In addition to supporting and fundraising for our four House charities, students also support two additional charities, selected every year. All of these charities are nominated by the students and include a mix of local, national and international causes. Our main annual, student led fundraising event, St Nicholas Stalls, is hugely successful and is a great start to students’ fundraising efforts.

Students have also connected with the residents of Dormy House care home in Sunningdale, corresponding with them throughout the pandemic and beyond.