Visits to Heathfield

We offer a range of options where families considering Heathfield for their daughter’s secondary education can experience Heathfield and find out more about us.

Open Morning

The next Open Morning will be held on Saturday 5 March from 09.45 to 12.00. The morning will include presentations by the Headmistress, key members of staff and pupils followed by a tour of the School and the opportunity to meet other members of staff over refreshments. Please contact the Head of Admissions to book your place on 01344 898342 or via

Meet the Head

We have three sessions planned for the Lent term and these will all take place during the School day. Places for each session are limited and include a tour of the School and the opportunity to meet the Headmistress Sarah Wilson, along with the Admissions team for a Q&A.

The dates are:

  • Thursday 20th January 10:00 – 11:30

  • Wednesday 2nd February 14:00 – 15:30

  • Friday 25th February 10:00 – 11:30

  • Tuesday 8th March 14:00 – 15:30

  • Wednesday 23rd March 10:00 – 11:30

To book your place, please contact the Head of Admissions on 01344 898342 or via

Individual visits

A meeting with the Headmistress Sarah Wilson and a tour of the School may be arranged during the school day. Please contact the Head of Admissions on 01344 898342 or via

Whatever your preference, we look forward to welcoming you to Heathfield very soon.

What they’re saying about Heathfield

“A big thank you to everyone at Heathfield for making my daughter's first month boarding at Heathfield such a success. She has a home from home that she loves. When we drop her back on Sundays she says "I will miss you but I'm excited to be going back" and off she goes with confidence and a skip in her step down the corridor towards Bronte Boarding House. A happy girl is a happy mummy!”


“Pupils consistently demonstrate positive attitudes to learning and achieving their best.”


“The best thing about Heathfield is the support of the staff and the warm welcome pupils always give the new girls.”


“Pupils grow into young people who make a difference to the world and live their lives boldly.”


“The best thing about Heathfield is the quality of the teachers and the fact that they always have time for you.”


“Pupils non-academic achievements are outstanding.”


“The school looks to what the child does best not what is best for the school and helps foster a belief that they can achieve in whatever they do.”


“Pupils have extremely well-developed decision-making skills and are able to determine targets for themselves in academic and extra-curricular activities.”


“Heathfield does what it says on the tin and celebrates every girl’s unique qualities, encouraging effort and uncovering talent. It is a jewel of a school.”


“Pupils are happy, articulate and confident.”


“I have seen a number of schools and met a number of heads but I have never walked into a school and almost wanted to become a child again so I could attend it myself! ”