True to the Heathfield ethos our Highly Able programme centres around individuality and learning beyond the classroom.

Identification and support

Identification of the Highly Able is based on KS2 data and testing across multiple year groups. Gifted and Talented pupils, who excel in particular subject areas, are identified by teachers.

Pupils meet with the Highly Able coordinators to evaluate their individual learning needs and set targets reflecting their long-term aspirations. Forward thinking is encouraged from the moment a pupil enters the school through career advice and university visits, while specialised staff prepare Oxbridge applicants.

A Pupil Profile, outlining a girl’s unique learning needs and aspirations, is shared with all staff involved, during and outside of school hours, to ensure the best possible support. The Highly Able coordinators further monitor progress against targets in half-yearly meetings. In some cases, we also allocate a more senior Highly Able pupil to act as a mentor.