Heathfield is unusual in asking students to take on prefectural responsibility in the Lower Sixth; this is to allow them to have the full benefit of the Upper Sixth independent living experience. Students must apply and go through a selection process during the second half of the Form V year. New girls also have the opportunity to apply before they arrive and will be assessed during September, when they join us, taking up their responsibilities at the Michaelmas half term.

Prefects are responsible for leading the school, liaising with staff, looking after an area of school life such as Sport, Choir or Chapel or looking after younger girls as a Form prefect.

One student is chosen to be Head Girl and two are chosen as Deputies after an election process involving the whole school. A student is also chosen to be Head of each House and is involved in organising the House activities, matches and competitions. There is also the opportunity to become a member of the School Council, Food Committee or Chapel Committee.