Formal School Uniform and Sports Kit

Heathfield pupils are expected to be smart and present a professional image in their appearance at all times.

All pupils are required to wear their jacket every day. Please ensure all items of uniform are clearly labelled as well as home clothes for those girls who board.

Hair should be natural in colour, neat and tidy and tied back if longer than shoulder length. Nail varnish and jewellery are not allowed in School apart from one set of stud earrings in the ear lobe and a discreet necklace if worn for religious reasons. No bracelets, anklets or hair braids. Make-up is not allowed during the School day.

The School uniform and Sports kit is supplied by AlleyCatz. All uniform items can either be purchased online or by visiting the store. Information regarding specific items supplied by the School or available from other suppliers is listed below.

Claremont House
34 Molesey Rd
KT12 4RQ

Google Maps Link for directions to the store

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 17:00
Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays

Store: 01932 223075
Warehouse (Internet orders): 01932 221883

To make a booking for an appointment
Please use the online appointment booking service which can be found here:

This easy to use booking system requires minimum information from parents but enables AlleyCatz to offer an even more efficient and personalised service as their Sales Team will be prepared in advance for the appointments.

Alleycatz are committed to ‘Nurture the Future’ by sourcing from the most eco-friendly suppliers. Heathfield’s old uniform is being re-purposed by other schools in the UK and abroad.

Formal Uniform – Form I to Form V

  • 1 x Heathfield jacket and pin
  • 2 x Heathfield navy pleated skirts (length to be just over the knee) or Heathfield navy trousers
  • 2 x Heathfield navy pullovers with white stripe along V-neck
  • 5 x Heathfield white long sleeved shirts with collar and tie (shirts embroidered with School logo) for Michaelmas and Lent terms
  • 5 x Heathfield short sleeved shirts with revere collar (shirts embroidered with School logo) for the Summer term
  • 1 x Navy Coat (Stormdri)
  • 5 pairs navy tights and/or navy knee-length socks
  • 1 pair sensible black shoes
  • 1 x Heathfield school rucksack (this is optional for boarders but recommended, but it is compulsory for day pupils)

Items issued by the school

  • Blue School tie
  • Green Scholar’s tie
  • White Chapel dress


Sports Kit – Form I to Form V

Compulsory Items

  • 1 x Heathfield skort
  • 1 x Heathfield blue polo shirt (numbered by AlleyCatz)
  • 1 x Heathfield white polo shirt
  • 1 x Heathfield tracksuit top
  • 1 x Heathfield tracksuit bottoms
  • 1 x Heathfield sweatshirt
  • 1 x Heathfield hooped navy and gold sports socks
  • 2 x white sports socks
  • 1 x Heathfield swimsuit
  • 1 x House swim hat
  • 1 x Heathfield sports bag
  • 1 x Trainers (running not fitness)
  • 1 x Studded Boots – NOT Astroturf Boots

Optional items

  • 1 x Heathfield fleece
  • 1 x Heathfield boot bag
  • 1 x Heathfield swim bag
  • 1 x Heathfield long sleeve base layer
  • 1 x Heathfield leggings
  • 1 x Heathfield sports shorts
  • 1 x pair of shin guards


Sports items issued by the Sports Department

  • House Shirt
  • Plastic Lacrosse Stick
  • Heathfield Swim hat (if competing)


  • All girls require a mouthguard for PE lessons.

The mouthguard supplier visits the School every September to take impressions for custom-fit mouthguards including a Heathfield branded option. There will also be an option for an E-fitting.

Tennis Racket

  • A tennis racket is only required for the Summer term unless your daughter is having private tennis coaching.

*There are a range of sports options for the Sixth Form. We recommend that girls joining the LVI may wish to wait until they join the School before purchasing sports kit.


Sixth Form Dress

Students are expected to wear smart business dress during the School’s working day. 

Acceptable options include trousers and skirts with shirts, blouses, tailored or structured t-shirts all acceptable, along with formal knitwear.  A jacket is required for Assemblies, Chapel services and Open morning among other formal occasions. Shoes should be equally formal, with either a low heel or flats.  This attire must be worn during the working day and pupils can change into something more relaxed after 4pm. 

Sports kit 
A number of sport options are timetabled for Sixth Form students.  Please ensure you have appropriate and suitable active wear and trainers. Heathfield sport kit is available for those involved in competitive team sport and fixtures.

Labelling and Personalisation  
All items must be clearly labelled.

Hair styles should be simple, tidy and in keeping with school uniform:

  • long hair should be tied back
  • bright coloured combs or ribbons are not to be worn – just navy or black


Labelling and personalisation

Please ensure that your daughter’s full name is clearly labelled on the inside of all items. AlleyCatz can provide iron on and sew in name labels. Certain items such as the Rucksack, Sports Bag, Boot Bag and Swim Bag can be personalised with embroidery by AlleyCatz. We would encourage you to make use of this service which aids speedy and easy identification of personal items. All other personal possessions brought into school must also be clearly labelled.

The new Heathfield jacket

Both boarders and day pupils will be expected to wear the Heathfield jacket throughout the school day, including:

  • Arriving and departing Heathfield
  • Assembly
  • Chapel
  • Formal School events
  • Lessons (jackets can be placed on backs of chairs)
  • Open Mornings
  • Parents’ evenings
  • School trips
  • Tutor time