Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award and has inspired millions of young people to challenge their boundaries and contribute to their communities, since its inception in 1956. At Heathfield we offer pupils the chance to attempt the award at both Bronze and Gold level.

Participants receive recognition on completion of each level. All DofE awards are highly regarded by both employers and universities as they demonstrate the ability to work independently and successfully as part of a team, as well as demonstrating good use of initiative during DofE exercises. Pupils who complete a DofE award usually include the achievement as part of their UCAS personal statement when applying to university.

Pupils undertake their training for the Bronze Award during School club time in Form III. A Practice and Qualifying Expedition are overseen by School staff in the locality. The Gold Award is started in the Lower Sixth and involves outside staff, as necessary, with expeditions taking place in the Brecon Beacons, for example.  Pupils who successfully complete their Gold Award are rewarded with a visit to Buckingham Palace to receive their certificates.

It is a superb qualification, focussed on personal development, and those who complete carry the award with great pride into their future lives and careers.