“What a splendid time we all had yesterday! It was delightful that six of my (1964-1970) year were there and we had such a happy day catching-up and recalling so very many memories.”

The Fellowship

The Heathfield Fellowship is a valuable network which not only connects former Heathfield and St Mary’s Wantage girls but plays an active part in supporting each current generation.

Run by Old Girls for Old Girls, the Heathfield Fellowship is one of the most active Old Girls’ organisations in the UK and inspires great loyalty.

It exists to help past, present and future generations of Heathfield and St Mary’s Old Girls keep in touch – for pleasure and work – and to support them. Girls are automatically inducted into the Fellowship when they leave Heathfield.

The Fellowship organises traditional reunions and get-togethers and events such as the regular Networking Evenings as well as providing a voice to represent Old Girls at Heathfield and St Mary’s Wantage.

It also fundraises for Heathfield School, providing financial support for capital projects, and it provides financial help for current pupils in need.  Past projects funded include significant funding for the swimming pool complex and the original cookery hut.

An annual Fellowship Day is held in the Summer term at Heathfield with lunch and Evensong and a Fellowship Carol Service usually at St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square in late November.

The Fellowship is run by a committee and is a registered charity (No. 1135865) with a full constitution.

It keeps in touch with each year group by appointing ‘Ambassadors’ for that year group who then act as a link with their contemporaries.


“I only am, who I am, because of Heathfield.

I only do what I do because of what inspired me at Heathfield.

The dearest friends that I have are from Heathfield.

All of this, just 6 years, has lasted me a lifetime - no other school could ever have given me a world in which I still live with, and in now. VIVAT HEATHFIELD!

We are gone, 50 years, but when we meet, the wrinkles vanish, and that immortal love rises again!”

Caroline Deedes 1964 - 1970

“It was just as nice to see our old teachers as much as our friends and I was of course thrilled to find my name in Chapel.”

Forthcoming Events

  • 20th May 2023 – Fellowship Day
  • 25th November 2023 – St Nicholas Stalls

“It was also very pleasing to see the school looking so well cared for both inside and out. I used to do ISI inspections and was delighted to read that the school had been rated as excellent!”

The Fellowship Committee

Chair of The Fellowship and School Governor Representative
Mrs Caroline Deedes née Lang (1964-1970)

Vice Chair
Miss Julianne Hicks (1996 -2002)

Treasurer and School Governor Representative
Mrs Sally Tulk-Hart née Alesbury (1957-1961)

Committee Members
Mrs Deirdre Egerton-Smith née Harcourt (1961-1968)
Mrs Alexandra Fairman née Leat (1987-1994)
Mrs Caroline Deedes née Lang (1964-1970)
The Hon Mrs Frances Stanley née Roche (1976-1980)
Miss Georgina Stewart (1999-2006)
Mrs Marumi Nakamura-Rott (1995 – 1999)
Jodi Molyneux-Webb (1996 – 2002)
Georgina Peter-Hoblyn (1987 – 1994)

Fellowship Ambassadors

Mrs Joanna Lambert née Naylor-Leyland (1971-1977)
Mrs Sophie Stewart née Burnett (1990-1996)
Mrs Hollie Lourie née Shaper (1988-1991)
Mrs Tannaz Lee née Fazaipour (1983-1990)

Year Ambassadors

2018 – Grace Muncey
2017 – Maya Russell Smith and Katy Smith-Osbourne
2016 – Izzy Andrew, Daisy Cave and Matilda Cottrell
2015 – Ella Jones and Emily Reid
2014 – Bea Fresson and Davina Motion
2013 – Isobel Stanley and Ilaria Valaydon-Pyke
2012 – Taisie Pennick and Charlie Fisher
2011 – Carinthia Pearson
2010 – Olivia Bence-Trower and Sophie Broughton
2008 – Charlotte Phillips
2007 – Anouska Seigler
2006 – Sophie Breitmeyer and Georgina Stewart
2005 – Mahnaz Sarfaraz-Saigol
2004 – Olivia Buxton
2003 – Jessica Cameron
2002 – Julianne Hicks
2000 – Pilar Scott Perry
1999 – Emma Willoughby
1994 – Hollie Shaper Lourie
1992 – Claudia Roberts
1990 – Melanie Holland
1985 – Davina Valaydon
1983 – Frances Stanley
1981 – Karen Hurt
1970 – Maria de la Borda and Caroline Lang

“Thank you so much for a very special day! We all loved it so much. The happiest memories!”

How to contact us


“What a fantastic day you all arranged for us for Fellowship Day on Saturday! A huge thank you to everyone involved who worked so hard to make the 120th anniversary such a special day.”

Heathfield Archives

The old school magazines from 1899 to 1940 have been digitised for preservation.

Please enjoy reading through the history of Heathfield School. The magazines contain poems and stories written by the girls, details of sports matches, school trips, exam results, roll calls of pupils, and other interesting events in the life of the school. You will read with delight of Heathfield girls knitting socks for soldiers in the trenches during the First World War, of outings by pony and trap, of whole-school picnics at Burnham Beeches, of visits to orphanages and coal-mines and theatres, of early school plays attended by local dignitaries, of new classrooms being opened and blessed with prayer, of Royal visitors, of how girls carried on with studies through the air raids of World War II, of motoring holidays with the school’s first Headmistress, of money raised for many worthy charitable causes, of engagements, marriages, births and deaths…


We would be delighted to accept donations of relevant material that increase the richness of the collection, such as diaries, correspondence and photographs. Should you wish to donate any items relating to your or a relative’s time at Heathfield, please do contact the School at marketing@heathfieldschool.net