Ethos, Aims & Vision


Heathfield is a boarding and day school with a fine tradition which embraces the 21st Century with verve and vigour. This verve and vigour infiltrates every area of our school, providing a dynamic framework within which each girl becomes a key part of an exciting learning community.

From the moment a girl arrives at Heathfield, she is nurtured and encouraged to discover and develop her talents and abilities. Each girl’s contribution to the community is recognised and valued while discipline is enforced firmly but fairly.

Heathfield is a happy school where children can be children while they are also prepared for the future as they grow and mature.

Friendships flourish within Heathfield’s unique community and the girls make friends for life, while retaining a special place in their heart for the school.


To discover and develop every girl’s unique talents to enable her to excel.

Values – Heathfield aims to foster:

  • The confidence and self-belief to go beyond one’s preconceived abilities academically, physically and spiritually.
  • Authenticity, self-awareness and a desire to embrace each other’s uniqueness and spirit.
  • Compassion, empathy, understanding and lifelong friendship building respect for oneself and others.
  • Good habits for life: work ethic, self-discipline, resilience, independence, integrity and courage based on strong moral values and having a go.
  • Commitment to the community: selflessness, compassion and service to others.

Helping girls stand up, stand out, live life to its fullest.

These values are engendered through four central pillars:


  • A community where everyone drives and benefits from a culture of high expectations.
  • A community where every girl is valued and known.
  • A ‘can do’ community where all words and actions are kind, respectful and positive.
  • A community which hires, retains and trains the best staff.
  • A community which commits to physical and financial service to those less fortunate.
  • Beautiful, well maintained surroundings encouraging wellbeing.
  • Proactive and caring support for all.
  • A close community where positive relationships with girls, The Fellowship (Old girls), parents past and present, staff, Governors and friends flourish.

Pastoral Care and Boarding

  • Each girl benefiting from excellent pastoral care that provides individual support and care.


  • Teaching of the highest standard which motivates, inspires and challenges every girl.
  • Every girl benefiting from career and higher education guidance enabling her to meet her ambitious personal goals.


  • Each girl benefiting from a variety of cultural, physical, social, intellectual and creative activities and opportunities developing resilience, self-confidence and belief ensuring readiness for a place within a modern global society.


We strive to ensure that our pupils realise their full potential and leave Heathfield as young women eager and able to make a contribution to the world with the skills and talents they have discovered, developed and honed during their years at Heathfield.

As a school based on Anglo-Catholic foundations, we aim to guide our pupils to live their lives with a strong moral and spiritual code, both in their immediate and the wider community.

Our vision is achieved by working together as staff, pupils and parents to maintain and develop the successful and happy learning community that makes Heathfield so unique.

Heathfield girls are individuals, all with their own particular mix of talents, but every girl leaves Heathfield with a certain confidence, resilience and adaptability ready for the opportunities and challenges that undoubtedly lay in the years ahead.