Our commitment to Heathfield’s future

Heathfield School has embarked upon our most ambitious transformation of the Sixth Form.

The vision for our Sixth Form will be achieved in part by the development of a brand new Sixth Form Centre. The project has been meticulously designed to provide a space dedicated to our new life skills and mentoring programme, as well as to meet the academic and social needs of all our Sixth Form students.

During the unprecedented challenges of the past twelve months our message stating the paramount need for an innovative Sixth Form skills and mentoring programmes and new purpose-designed building has been lost amongst the onslaught of global, national and educational headlines. This academic year our aim is to demonstrate our commitment to provide an outstanding all-round education for each Sixth Form pupil and to complete our fundraising campaign.

During these fragmented times, we are delighted that one of our Heathfield families are encouraging your philanthropy this term by generously offering to match your gift. So, by donating, you will be doubling the impact of your gift. Read more here.

If you would like to understand more about how we are building this vision, please contact the Development Office on +44(0)1344898343 or development@heathfieldschool.net.

“I am excited to have joined a community with such a strong grasp of who they are and where they are going. The vision is that the personalised care we provide at Heathfield is transformed during your daughter’s Sixth Form by providing the space for her to fulfil her potential in whichever direction, or directions, she decides. With this new innovative space and exciting Sixth Form skills programme, each and every Heathfield pupil will move on with the qualifications, skills, values and connections she needs to excel at life.”

“There has been a great deal of uncertainty over the previous twelve months, globally, nationally and at School. With this turbulence echoing through so many facets of our lives, it is tempting to go into survival mode and wait for the uncertainty to pass. But Heathfield’s leadership are determined to demonstrate there can be winners in times of uncertainty: we have a strong sense of purpose and a well-defined culture that creates clarity, confidence and certainty for our pupils, staff, parents and Old Girls.  

Quite rightly, over the past twelve months we have focused on providing an innovative online school and on ensuring financial stability. Now I wish to re-focus our collective efforts to ensure every Heathfield pupil’s future is secure and Heathfield creates a Sixth Form of international acclaim.

During my tenure as your Chairman, the Heathfield community has raised funds for several projects. Each of these major educational building projects have secured Heathfield as the school we know and value today.

In summary, regardless of the vortex of chaos that exists outside Heathfield’s school gates – I need you to join our committed team and support our ambitious transformation of our Sixth Form to benefit the Heathfield pupils’ – future, present and past – and to secure Heathfield’s future.”

If you would like to learn more about how our commitment to transform our Sixth Form offer, please contact:

What they’re saying about Heathfield

“A big thank you to everyone at Heathfield for making my daughter's first month boarding at Heathfield such a success. She has a home from home that she loves. When we drop her back on Sundays she says "I will miss you but I'm excited to be going back" and off she goes with confidence and a skip in her step down the corridor towards Bronte Boarding House. A happy girl is a happy mummy!”


“Pupils consistently demonstrate positive attitudes to learning and achieving their best.”


“The best thing about Heathfield is the support of the staff and the warm welcome pupils always give the new girls.”


“Pupils grow into young people who make a difference to the world and live their lives boldly.”


“The best thing about Heathfield is the quality of the teachers and the fact that they always have time for you.”


“Pupils non-academic achievements are outstanding.”


“The school looks to what the child does best not what is best for the school and helps foster a belief that they can achieve in whatever they do.”


“Pupils have extremely well-developed decision-making skills and are able to determine targets for themselves in academic and extra-curricular activities.”


“Heathfield does what it says on the tin and celebrates every girl’s unique qualities, encouraging effort and uncovering talent. It is a jewel of a school.”


“Pupils are happy, articulate and confident.”


“I have seen a number of schools and met a number of heads but I have never walked into a school and almost wanted to become a child again so I could attend it myself! ”