This week our sporting teams have been out in force, and as a result of their excellent performance, have achieved some great results in Swimming, Lacrosse and Netball


On Monday, the first Swim Gala of the term took place and our teams competed against The Marist. Congratulations to all the girls who took part and did so well:

U13 A & B Medley Relay teams – 1st and 2nd

U13A 1st in Free Relay


Alice – 1st in Breaststroke

Allegra – 1st in IM, 1st in Fly + 1st in 50m Breaststroke

Amara – 2nd in Front crawl

Birdie – 1st in Front crawl

Emily – 1st in Backstroke

Johanna – 2nd in Individual Medley and 2nd in 50m Breaststroke

Julia – 1st in Front crawl

Laura – 2nd in 50m Backstroke & Breaststroke

Lilly – 1st in Backstroke

Lyra – 1st in Backstroke

Olivia – 1st in 50m Breaststroke

Sasha – 1st in Breaststroke, 2nd in Front crawl

On Thursday, our U13 A&B and U12 A&B teams competed away against LVS. It was great to see so many girls participating and enjoying netball. A very successful outing with all 4 teams coming away with a convincing win. Well done to players of the match Jazzy, Olivia, Milly, Mia, Eliora, Tamara, Ellie and Tia-vy.

Wellington College Lacrosse team visited Heathfield on Friday and after a hard fought match, Heathfield Senior Lacrosse team produced an outstanding 15 – 5 win. Very well done to all the players.