Rushall Farm Trip

By 22/02/2024 No Comments

This year’s trip to Rushall Farm proved to be the wettest and muddiest yet for the Form I group. Our usual activities of investigating the soil type and structure presented challenges as they battled to keep upright in the ankle-deep mud, however the true meaning of ‘saturated soils’ and ‘impermeable’ were well demonstrated!  Selected pupils managed to measure the environmental factors which affect farming by taking measurements of light, moisture and the pH of the soils in three different locations. Further excitement was provided when one of the pupils got stuck in the mud and was ably rescued by Bill.   

Pupils were shown how Rushall Farm is a mixed farm where they grow cereal crops and sell sheep and cattle, as well as being an organic farm.  They learned about inputs, processes and outputs into the farm and about how little labour is required due to the use of machinery.  Unfortunately, close-up visits to the animals are still off the agenda but there were opportunities to hold the chickens. 

Form I showed a wonderfully resilient and positive attitude in the face of adversity and still managed to take notes and embrace the experience which I’m sure they will all remember.  They will now begin an independent project in the classroom as they analyse their test results and decipher their notes and we look forward to seeing the finished results.