Science Week

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As usual it was a very busy Science Week here at Heathfield, with activities relating to theme of ‘Time’ running throughout the week. Monday saw a visit from an enthusiastic Nick from Steamco, who lead sessions with Forms 1, 2 and 3 that had a crossover with art and creativity. These included coding a countdown timer, making and launching aerodynamic rockets, and building huge cardboard structures. The day culminated in an air-powered rocket launch, that went so high we all had to watch for the mini parachute that saw the load return safely. 

Since half term, students have been submitting videos that play with time. We had a huge number of entries across school, from stop-motion to slo-motion and time-lapse. Winners were awarded some very cool clocks that rotate to become thermometers, alarms and stopwatches. Jasmine in Form 1 was the overall winner with a video of a variety of fizzy drinks reacting with mints, beautifully timed to classical music. 

The week finished with a luckily dry Friday afternoon outside playing science games. Almost the whole school was involved, and there was an especially impressive display of skills in the fruit rolling category! Austen came out victorious across the week and achieved the maximum of 8 House Points. Very well done to all the competing Scientists, and a big thank-you from the Science department.