We commend our GCSE students and staff for the grit, determination and character they have all shown in facing the personal and wider challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their hard work resulted in success across a broad range of subjects – with 63% of students awarded grades 9-7 – as well as a host of exceptional individual performances and personal triumphs.

From Art, to Drama and Ancient Greek, this year’s GCSE cohort at Heathfield have had the opportunity to study a vast array of subjects, reflecting the school’s dedication to providing a personalised education which enables girls to succeed wherever their passions lie.

Standout academic performances include those by Lily, who attained the highest grade of 9 across all her subjects; Maya, who achieved 9s and 8s and was awarded Academic Scholar status; Claudia who gained an 8 in Classical Civilisation, Ancient Greek and a 9 in Latin, and Eira, who was unable to speak English three years ago and went on to achieve results that include four grade 9s as well as the top award in the Maths Olympiad for the school. Overall, over half of all students in this year’s cohort achieved all 9-7 grades (A*/A equivalent), namely Tilda, Auriel, Lily, Louise, Eira, Stephanie, Claudia, Tamara, Maya, Sienna and Zahra.

A number of younger girls took GCSE examinations ‘out of year’ and all achieved an outstanding 9, including Rosaleen (Form III) who excelled in music – she plays three instruments and attends weekend sessions at the Guildhall of Music – and Lucy and Romy (Form IV) who took their French examinations a year early.

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