Form I enjoyed a day out with Hi5 team events at Reading Lakes

The day was focused on creating strong links and bonds within the form group, eliminating cliques whilst strengthening communication, openness and honesty.

The girls started the day building a Flintstone style car and trying out some fun cube activities. Building a car certainly required a team effort with many girls’ natural leadership shining through while others headed straight for the instructions. Nearly all the cars made it across the finish line with some displaying some intriguing engineering!

In the afternoon, the groups were changed around and the girls had to regroup to work out their new dynamic. Activities started with a minefield game, where communication and a clear head were imperative and collaboration was needed for the three person plank skiing.

With both afternoon activities requiring good listening skills and clear communication, it was a great opportunity for girls to learn their strengths and weaknesses and the value of thinking and collaborating with their team.

Here is some of the feedback from the girls about what they learnt on the day:

Despite any differences we can work better as a team.

To make sure everyone is included in an activity.

If you don’t get your own way it doesn’t matter too much.

We are better together than alone.