Caritas Ball

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The inaugural Caritas Ball proved a great success and it is an event that held special significance for me, Sonya and Effie as we embarked on our journey as the Head Girl team. Together, we wanted to establish a tradition that would set the tone for each new Sixth Form year. On this occasion we were pleased to be raising funds to support The OSCAR Foundation.

As a passionate advocate for positive change, we were delighted to host Ellen Chiwenga, FIFA Football Match Agent, as our special guest. Her presence embodied the connection between our cause and football. The OSCAR Foundation utilises football as a tool for empowerment, a concept they aptly refer to as Education with a kick. Ellen’s inspiring journey and insights resonated with guests, reminding us all of the transformative power of sport.

The Caritas Ball united our Sixth Form and parent community in order to make a tangible impact. Through generous contributions, ticket sales and participation in our raffle, we raised over £2,000 for OSCAR. This significant contribution will open doors for numerous young individuals, offering them opportunities for growth and education.

Our gratitude goes out to everyone who supported and attended the Caritas Ball. Your support has been instrumental in the success of this event and the positive impact it will have on the lives of young individuals through the OSCAR Foundation.

Doddie Kirby, Head Girl