Students enjoyed a week of Science experiments celebrating British Science Week

The theme this year for British Science Week was Our Diverse World, which gave us a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity we see throughout the natural world.

As usual, Science Week started off with Assembly and our annual inter-house competition. Houses were challenged to create a marble run that was at least one metre high and to get the marble to run for at least one minute. Girls could use any materials they wished and there was a great diversity of the models made. Seacole were the winners with a run of 17 seconds.

Assembly also gave us the opportunity to launch our Diversity Wall. Every pupil was given a hexagon in which they could put a picture and some facts about a living organism of their choice. This caused some interesting debate as to whether Covid-19 qualified; as officially viruses are not classified as being alive!

The rest of the week saw lunchtime activities including various challenges. On Monday we trialed our homemade inverted glasses to see the world from a different point of view; Tuesday was all about how our DNA makes us diverse and they extracted their own DNA or the DNA from a strawberry.

On Wednesday, girls tackled a 4 x 4 car obstacle course and the Maths department asked students to guess what percentage of the world spoke English, what percentage of the world was female and other worldly facts.

On Thursday we held a demo day with some spectacular chemistry demonstrations using bismuth crystals. The week finished with a finale of trying out ten different unusual food combinations, with popcorn and milk proving the most popular and banana and ketchup voted the least popular.

Overall, a great week was had, and we look forward to seeing the diversity wall completed and on display in the STEM building.