The winners of the 2019 Photography/Geography competition have been announced.

The 2019 Photography Geography competition was launched in June to the school for pupils, new pupils joining in September and staff to enter a photograph showing what A Sustainable Future might look like.

There were 120 entries for the competition (an interesting coincidence for our 120th year!) and a huge variety of interpretations of the theme. Well done to Form V who had the highest proportion of entries. The judges were most impressed by the quality of the photographs and the efforts made to link to the theme which made choosing the winners very difficult. Prizes ranged from books for the Form winners, cameras for the overall winners and the unique Photography/Geography competition badge for the special categories.

Full list of winners:

Form I                                           Minnie

Form II                                          Faline

Form III                                         Gabriella

Overall winner Form I – III            Sasha


Form IV                                         Romilly

Form V                                          Adelaide

Overall winner Form IV & V          Lucy


UVI                                                Floria

Overall winner Sixth Form             Ziyi


Special categories

One to have on the wall                      Nicole

Most geographically interesting           Louise

Most photographically challenging      Romy

Closest to the theme                           Aamira