The Upper Sixth students taking their EPQ made their presentations last night, 10 January. All the girls spoke knowledgeably and eloquently about their chosen subjects, which were:

Gadelyn – To what extent does the inability to solve corruption in Ghana affect the residents?

Harriet – Is the growth in demand for superfoods based on scientific evidence?

Na’ima – To what extent is the ideology of ISIS qualitatively different to other modern Middle Eastern extremist organisations?

Phoebe – Is there a correlation between teenagers’ sleep patterns and food intake?

Tanya – An illustrated booklet ‘How gender role affects confidence levels in children aged 11 – 16’.

Zofia – What are the major influences on the phenomena of institutionalisation  for prisoners? The problems of solitary confinement.

The students spoke with great passion and all the adjudicators were impressed with the depth of their research and knowledge.