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Heathfield Kayak Squad take on Devizes to Westminster

18th April 2017

5 of our Sixth Form girls took part in this gruelling 4 day kayak race over Easter weekend.

Early on Friday 14th April, 5 of our Sixth Form girls,  Millie, Katy, Thea, Gabi, and Franny, with Izzi from Seaford College joining them set off for the first leg of a 4 day international kayaking race which would see them travel from Devizes to Westminster. This covered an astonishing 125 miles and 77 portages, where the girls had to get out the water and carry their kayaks until they were able to enter the water again.

Each evening after a full day of kayaking, the girls set up their own tents, waking up at 4.30am to dismantle the tent and prepare for the next gruelling leg. On Friday the girls paddled 35 miles to Newbury, on Saturday a further 37 miles to Longridge. By Sunday evening they were 107 miles in, finishing at Thames Young Mariners near Teddington. As Monday came around they had a fast 18 miles to go, paddling with the tide. Despite blistered hands and various aches and pains, the girls all dug deep and finished this extraordinarily challenging race.

The girls all showed remarkable grit and resilience, pushing hard to finish what they had set out to do. We are all so proud of them for this amazing achievement.

It is not too late to sponsor the teams, donations will go to the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. You can donate by clicking here.

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