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“What I want to get out of my college course is some knowledge of the best way of living life and doing the most and best with it. I want to learn to understand and help other people and myself.”

L.M. Montgomery

University Destinations

Below are detailed University destinations for each year in PDF format. If you need to install the latest PDF reader, please click here and select Install now.

University Places 2017 Heathfield School
University Places 2016 Heathfield School
University Places 2015 Heathfield School
University Places 2014 Heathfield School
University Places 2013 Heathfield School
University Places 2012 Heathfield School
University Places 2011 Heathfield School
University Places 2010 Heathfield School
University Places 2009 Heathfield School
University Places 2008 Heathfield School
University Places 2007 Heathfield School
University Places 2006 Heathfield School
University Places 2005 Heathfield School

Girls are given individual guidance to make informed decisions regarding higher education. During the Lent term, each girl completes a Centigrade questionnaire and receives a personal report which forms the basis of her research into choosing degree courses. Visits are arranged to UCAS fairs and taster days, as well as individual university open days. Following the AS examinations, an intensive programme of preparation for university application takes place, including a presentation given by a university admissions tutor. Girls and parents are issued with an information booklet, providing detailed guidance, in particular how to write a winning personal statement. At the beginning of the Michaelmas Term most girls will submit their applications and mock interviews are held, conducted by external academics and contacts from various professions. After the publication of the A Level results, places are finally confirmed. For those wishing to make a post-A Level application, the Director of Sixth Form and Head of Careers are happy to advise and offer guidance.

Below are detailed some degree results from Universities and colleges for past students.

Degree Results 2017 Heathfield School
Degree Results 2016 Heathfield School
Degree Results 2015 Heathfield School
Degree Results 2014 Heathfield School

Gap Year

A number of girls take a gap year after completing their A Levels, with organisations such as Africa and Asia Venture and Raleigh International, raising money beforehand to finance their placement. A successful gap year requires careful planning and a good starting point is the Year Out Group, whose members sign up to a code of practice.

The benefits of a well-structured year out are widely recognised. However, girls are advised to contact university admissions tutors to check whether a gap year and/or deferred entry is acceptable for their chosen course.

The Heathfield Fellowship (our old girls’ society) offers financial assistance with gap year projects to worthy candidates.

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