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Sixth Form


Leiths Certificate in Food and Wine

“I simply refuse to eat salad without dressing, or strawberries without cream, or boiled eggs without toast soldiers.”

Prue Leith

Leiths Certificate in Food and Wine

Heathfield is delighted and proud to offer the Leiths Certificate in Food and Wine as an option to girls in the Sixth Form. The five term course teaches a wide variety of practical and professional cookery methods and the basic skills necessary to become confident, capable and efficient cooks. A certificate that is recognised in the food industry is awarded to those who pass the final examination and continual assessment. The professional nature of the course requires consistent effort and full attendance.

The principal techniques taught are knife skills, meat and vegetable preparation, jointing poultry, filleting fish, roasting, stewing, marinating, steaming, batters, the making of classic stocks and sauces, pasta dishes, the use of gelatine, mousses, tarts, puddings, caramel, various pastries, bread, cake making, decorating and icing, as well as time management, menu planning, healthy eating, tasting wine with food and a Food Safety Certificate.

Previously, girls have used their Leiths qualification to gain employment in their university holidays and gap years. Possible careers, following on from the certificate, include food writing, food photography, food businesses and marketing and food science. The confidence and empowerment gained from the ability to prepare interesting, delicious and healthy meals is an important life skill. The course provides an appreciation of good food and good cooking, and “old-fashioned skills” that are still indispensable in the modern world.

Extra-Curricular Activity

Matching Food with Wine: Leiths UVI students attend an annual ‘Wine with Food Pairing and Tasting”. A wine expert introduces the huge subject of wine to the girls, presenting it simply and logically. It covers the facts of wine making and production and the different styles, and finishes with a tasting. The girls taste about six wines, each of a different grape variety, together with classic flavours of food – salt, sour, sweet, spice and umami – discussing matching wine flavours with the different foods.

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