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Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form at Heathfield School

The Sixth Form represents, for most young people, the most important and enjoyable two years of their school career; for the first time they can make real choices about what they study and must test their independent motivation. Yet Sixth Form life is about so much more than examinations. This is also a time to broaden knowledge and experience, to develop skills, interests and friendships that will last a lifetime. Heathfield School offers a rich Sixth Form experience, combining excellent academic teaching which ensures great results and significant valued-added, with a broad range of other activities.

The benefits of being a boarder for Sixth Form are clear. Boarding encourages independence in both study and other aspects of life and is an excellent bridge between School and University. Staying at school avoids valuable time being wasted on commuting and being disorganised about work at home and thus ensures that girls can manage to excel academically without sacrificing other activities and time spent with friends.

The School aims to provide a holistic education which will enable girls to take up their roles as women of the 21st century. We are committed to providing real breadth in education and thus all girls do Physical Education (with options ranging from pilates to polo, from skiing to shooting) and a course of General Studies as well as academic lessons. In the Lower VI Form, girls normally choose to study three subjects to A level and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Some girls may study an additional A level. We monitor all girls’ academic progress very closely. Sixth Form tutors have seven to eight girls to look after and so are able to make sure that they are managing their time effectively and making the most of the many opportunities that are offered to them. Although we would never overburden a girl with work, we want them all to have high expectations and to challenge themselves. Our girls leave us confident, articulate and well equipped to deal with the challenges their lives will bring.