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Personal and social development


Personal, Social and Health Education

“PSHE equips children and young people with knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives.”

PSHE Association

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) comprises all aspects of the school’s planned provision to promote girls’ personal and social development, health and wellbeing.

In PSHE, girls learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals and as members of their communities with increasing maturity, independence and power. They become more self-aware and capable of more sophisticated moral reasoning. They take more responsibility for themselves and become more aware of the views, needs and rights of people of all ages. They build on their experience, confidence and competence, learning new skills to help them to assess risks and make decisions and play an active part in their personal and social life.

Girls learn how to plan and manage choices for their future education and career, and develop skills and knowledge to help them manage the economic aspects of life. They explore how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, coping well with their changing bodies and feelings. They also learn to cope with changing relationships and understand how these can affect their health and wellbeing. They learn about what constitutes a healthy relationship and how to manage the risks facing young people in the 21st century. They make the most of new opportunities to take part in the life of the school and its communities.

As a school we aim to help the girls:

  • Develop confidence and responsibility
  • Develop a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • Develop good relationships respecting differences between people

All of this is achieved in a PSHE programme which is delivered through informative sessions via outside speakers, current DVDs, debate and discussion, participation and action.

A formal PSHE teaching period is timetabled for girls in all years and these current issues are led by their tutor. This develops a strong link between the tutor and the girl, allowing them the confidence to share thoughts and feelings on any life challenging aspects they might face.

We feel that personal and social education is an intrinsic part of the girls’ every-day experience and when backed by our strong pastoral team, this can help our girls have the confidence to take on any challenge and succeed later on in life.