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Speech & Drama Musical Theatre




The students at Heathfield take classes in facilities within the St Mary’s Theatre and the Studio in the Sports Hall. Classes are provided by teachers from Envy Performing Arts (in association with NVSDD).

Envy Performing Arts/NVSDD is recognised as an accredited school by the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre and in 2017 was honoured with the Dance School of the Year Award for schools with 200+ students.

Classes are held every day Monday – Thursday in both LAMDA Speech and Drama & LAMDA Musical Theatre.  Lessons can be arranged: Solo, Pairs or Small Groups.

LAMDA Speech and Drama students follow the LAMDA syllabus and have the opportunity to take exams in Verse and Prose, Acting, Devised Performance, Spoken English, Mime, Public Speaking and Reading for Performance from Grade 1 – Grade 8/Gold Medal. LAMDA exams are held 3 times a year. Grades 6-8 are awarded UCAS points.

LAMDA Musical Theatre (Acting, Singing & Movement) students follow the LAMDA Musical Theatre syllabus and can take Solo, Duo or Group examinations. They have the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in Musical Theatre – not just in acting, but also in singing and movement. LAMDA exams are held 3 times a year. Grades 6-8 are awarded UCAS points.



LAMDA: Our Aims

  • To increase confidence
  • To improve communication skills
  • To develop stagecraft skills
  • To improve physical and vocal skills
  • To promote an interest in theatre
  • To prepare for LAMDA examinations
  • To foster an appreciation of literature & drama

LAMDA2QCA Accreditation: LAMDA Exams are accredited as an Awarding Body by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England and the corresponding regulatory authorities in Wales and Northern Ireland. LAMDA qualifications are part of the National Qualifications Framework and equate with other qualifications within the sector. LAMDA examinations are recognised as a worthwhile and important qualification by universities and employers.

The UCAS Tariff: The LAMDA Advanced Level Speech and Drama examinations are accredited by the National Qualifications Framework at Level 3 and included in the UCAS Tariff. (eg. “Distinction” at Silver Medal is awarded 55 UCAS points. This is equivalent, in points, to those awarded for a grade “B” at AS Level in any subject). For more details visit: www.lamda.org


LAMDA Examination Successes

July 2016 – February 2018 103 LAMDA exams.  100% Pass Rate, with 96% Distinction or Merit with 34 Senior Medals

March 2016 22 LAMDA exams.  100% Distinction/Merit with 7 Senior Medals

July 2014 – Dec 2015 80 LAMDA exams. 100% Pass Rate with 31 Senior Medals

July 2012 – March 2014 110 LAMDA exams. 100% Pass Rate with 38 Senior Medals

March 2011 – March 2012 108 LAMDA exams. 100% Pass Rate with 27 Senior Medals (100% Distinction/Merit)

2010 65 LAMDA exams. 100% Pass Rate, with 35 pupils awarded Senior Medals.

December 2008 – June 2009 75 LAMDA exams. 100% Pass Rate, with 24 pupils awarded Senior Medals.

December 2007 – June 2008 64 LAMDA exams. 100% Pass Rate with 21 pupils awarded Senior Medals.

Since 2007 94% of pupils have achieved a Distinction or Merit.

Concerts and Shows are held throughout the year giving the girls an opportunity to perform their examination pieces before an audience of parents and friends.

Heathfield LAMDA Alumni have continued their studies at full-time Vocational Schools including RADA, LAMDA, E15, Webber Douglas Academy, Redroofs, Arts Educational and Lee Strasbourg in New York. We are very proud to have seen a number of ex-students on stage and screen including: Sienna Miller (Films: “Alfie”, “Layer Cake”, “Factory Girl”, Stardust”, American Sniper); Tara Summers (Films: “Alfie” TV: “Boston Legal”); Melissa Ashworth (Film: “Bridget Jones’ Diary”); Isabella Calthorpe (“Dirty Dancing” in the West End, TV: “Trinity”); Emily Laing (“Way Upstream” at the CFT, TV: The Go-Between) and Alice Orr-Ewing (Films: “The Theory of Everything”, “Mr Turner” TV: “The Scapegoat”).

Students have gained places at the following Vocational Drama Schools and with the NYT including:

  • Phoebe Parker (RADA)
  • Emily Reid (LAMDA)
  • Emily Laing (Guildhall, RADA & NYT)
  • Esme Lonsdale (RADA)
  • Lucy Edelstein (RADA)
  • Alice Orr-Ewing (LAMDA)
  • Anoushka Seigler (RADA)
  • Isabella Calthorpe (LAMDA)
  • Christian Grant (NYT)
  • Emily Smith (Oxford School of Drama)


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