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Activities Dance as a Co-Curricular Subject
Dance Ballet Pilates



CDETThe students at Heathfield School take classes in a purpose built Dance Studio within the Sports Hall. The studio is fitted with Ballet Barres, Mirrors and Harlequin Dance Flooring. Classes are provided by teachers from Envy Performing Arts (in asscociation with NVSDD).

The Dance school is recognised as an accredited school by the Council for Dance Education and Training and has been a Finalist in the IDS Dance School of the Year for the past two years.


  • Monday Yoga, RAD Ballet and Pointe
  • Tuesday Yoga, ZUMBA, Street Dance and RAD Ballet
  • Wednesday Pilates
  • Thursday ISTD Tap Dance, ISTD Modern and Street Dance
  • Friday Pilates

balletClassical Ballet students follow the RAD syllabus (Royal Academy of Dance) and have the opportunity to take Graded & Vocational examinations. Lessons can also be taken as a recreational activity.

Street Dance students have the opportunity to learn some of the best dance moves as seen on TV and Film. These classes are a great way to learn dance, keep fit and have fun at the same time.

Tap Dance has its roots in Harlem, USA. It involves the use of the ankles and feet incorporating different beats and rhythms to music. Not only is it a very popular form of dance but it’s good fun too! Students have the option of taking ISTD exams.

Pilates-Yoga-Personal Training a range of ‘Well-Being and Fitness’ Classes (Pilates, Yoga, Relaxation, Exam Stress Management and Personal Training) are on offer to suit the girls’ preferences. Please contact Natalie to discuss requirements. These lessons can be taken in groups or individually.

Zumba® is the latest aerobics/fitness class to sweep the country. Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system.

Dance GCSE is a new 2-year course which will commence in September 2016. (off-site, at the Marist School in Ascot). Suitable for girls who will be in Form III or IV in September 2016. GCSE Results Since 2003: 100% Pass Rate (over 80 students) with 94% gaining an A or A*. For more details contact Natalie.

Concerts and Shows are held throughout the year giving the girls an opportunity to perform their examination routines and specially choreographed works before an audience of parents and friends.

Dance Results

Summer 2015 RAD Grade 8 Ballet: Sophie Pennick (D)

Summer 2014 RAD Grade 7 Ballet: Sophie Pennick (M), Serena Eyi (M), Jamila Al Adwani (M), Aliya Al Adwani (M)

RAD Grade 5 Ballet: India Fisher (M), Frances Weston (M)

Summer 2013 ISTD Intermediate Tap Dance: Aliya Al Adwani

December 2012 ISTD Grade 5 Tap Dance: Aliya Al Adwani (M)

Autumn 2012 RAD Grade 3 Ballet: India Fisher (M), Frances Weston (M)

January 2012 RAD Grade 5 Ballet: Thea-Rose Mumford (M), Serena Eyi (M), Sophie Pennick (M), Jamila Al Adwani (M), Aliya Al Adwani (M)

July 2010 ISTD Grade 4 Tap Dance: Aliya Al Adwani (M)

May 2010 RAD Grade 8 Ballet: Olivia Bence-Trower (D), Daniela Smale (D), Meghan Bethel

May 2009 RAD Grade 7 Ballet: Olivia Bence-Trower (D)

RAD Grade 6 Ballet: Catalina GB Bolza (M), Meghan Bethel

RAD Grade 4 Ballet: Jamila Al Adwani (M), Sophie Pennick (M), Emily Shepherd, Phoebe Shipton

AQA Dance GCSE Aliya Al Adwani (A*), Serena Eyi (A), Anoushka Barbour (A), Jamila Al Adwani (B)


Click here for Envy Performing Arts.

Click here for the Natalie Vinson School of Dance & Drama.