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Spiritual Home Heart of the School Reflection


At Heathfield we recognise that our students are more than minds that need nurturing or bodies that need training. As they grow up, we recognise their need to come to terms with their spirituality too.

Spiritual care can mean different things to different people. A common theme seems to be a search for meaning and purpose in life, trying find answers to the big questions of life – why are we here, what is the point of it all?

Such questions are often raised when there are times of change and significant events in our lives. Helping people through these times is part of what spiritual care is about.

We recognise that the provision of such care and support is important for everyone, with or without a religious faith. You can be certain that whatever support and care you need, you will be listened to, respected and accepted.

The Chapel provides a place of peace and quiet reflection, where that spiritual development can begin. Our Chapel is the spiritual centre of the school and is often at the core of people’s memories of the school when they leave, and the place they come back to first when they return to visit. Dedicated in 1904, the Chapel was built in the Victorian Gothic style with collegiate seating. Chapel follows current Anglican practice, yet it is a place for all the school community regardless of faith or belief.

The Chaplain
The Chaplain is a central figure in school life. Father David Clues leads Chapel services during the week, on Sundays and on special occasions. He is around the school, getting to know the girls in a variety of settings, whether through musical or dramatic events, teaching, sports fixtures, visiting year groups or confirmation preparation. He is available to all members of the present school community and the school’s extended community for pastoral care.