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Faculty: STEM
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ICT & Computer Science

“I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.”

Isaac Asimov

Information and Communications Technology & Computer Science

Understanding computers and their use is an essential part of a young woman’s education. We aim to ensure that our girls are equipped with the knowledge and skills to use information technology intelligently, and further to ensure that they have the digital skills necessary for them to manage the rapidly developing world in the future.

As such we encourage them to:

  • Learn how to use ICT tools effectively
  • Understand the use of applications for the creation of their documents
  • Develop their analytical abilities
  • Learn to use their computers as efficient work tools
  • Actively find out from staff, and their peers, when they need particular skills

Starting Out

All girls are given a full e-mail account and network storage space for their own use. They can access the school’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) from anywhere, making resources for learning immediately available. At the start of Form I the girls receive an induction to the school’s systems: logging on, accessing the school network, e-mail and file keeping, as well as how to maintain personal security.  This important area is also covered in lessons and PSHE.

The Curriculum

In Forms I, II and III girls are taught a combined curriculum of ICT and Computer Science to ensure they acquire a breadth of knowledge and skills in technology.

Initially, the focus for Form I is to develop the necessary skill of organising their digital work before progressing to an awareness of their behaviour online with a key focus on privacy and their digital footprint (their online reputation). Form I are then given an understanding of the key developments that have led to current technology before looking at how that technology works. Throughout this time they will be developing their ICT skills in a range of software packages, ensuring they are able to transfer these abilities across to their other subjects.

Over the next three years the girls will continue to focus on developing knowledge and skills. These range from learning about networks and how data is represented on a computer system, through to computational thinking and computer programming, as well learning how to effectively use and apply spreadsheets and developing some graphic design skills in Photoshop.

The ICT & Computer Science curriculum gives girls core skills in ICT and an introduction into Computer Science which they can pursue further by choosing iGCSE ICT as one of their option subjects.

Across the School

Technology is used widely across the school within all subjects, from recording results in Science on an Excel spreadsheet and annotating an essay in History to creating a book cover for English on Photoshop and using specialist software in Music.

Girls are encouraged to undertake independent research and acquire skills as and when they need them, making use of specialist help from the staff.-We aim to give them the fully rounded computing skills they will need in further education and, eventually, in their chosen profession.


All girls are required to have a laptop which they use extensively across their subjects, and having key software installed enables compatibility across the school. We aim to encourage them to see their computer as a vital tool, as important as paper and pen, and come to use it with intelligence and judgement.  In addition to a dedicated computer suite, there are also additional computers spread around the school available for students’ use, enabling them to complete their Prep effectively.  The school’s extensive wi-fi network allows them to connect anywhere on the campus.