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Faculty: Humanities
Discussion Debate Current affairs


Government and Politics

“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”


Government and Politics is offered in the Sixth Form as an A Level subject. It appeals to students who have lively, enquiring minds as the nature of the subject involves a considerable amount of discussion and debate. Students are expected to keep up to date with current affairs by reading newspapers and journals and watching political programmes on the television. They are encouraged to use the Internet in order to access the numerous web-sites and political blogs which are increasingly available.

The AS comprises 2 units which involve a study of British democracy; topics covered include such key issues as the constitution, political parties, the judiciary and the role of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

At A2 level the course requires a study of politics in the United States. Topics covered include the Presidency, Supreme Court, elections, pressure groups and the role of race in American politics.

Results at A Level are excellent; in 2015 67% of A2 students achieved A*-B grades in Politics.