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Heathfield believes that outstanding work across the curriculum should be rewarded wherever and whenever it appears. The following stories detail recent work awarded the Heathfield Highflyer Prizes which are presented half-termly to girls whose work displays the highest level of achievement.

Languages & Culture Faculty


Anna F

This student was chosen for an A2 coursework essay comparing Persuasion, Rebecca and Hardy’s poetry. This essay was an insightful piece of writing which achieved almost full marks. It demonstrated a convincing argument and sophisticated writing style.


Maria P

This student was chosen for a review of the novel Throne of Glass. Written in French, this was an amazing piece of writing which demonstrated a real pleasure in reading. It was well-phrased, avoided repetition and used abstract language effectively.

STEM Faculty


Lily J

This student was chosen for her performance in her recent maths assessment. She achieved 92%: the highest score in the year, including the extension paper, which involved GCSE-level questions. She demonstrated a very deep understanding of topics including standard form, area of compound shapes and factorising quadratic expressions.

Expressive Arts Faculty

Drama and Music

Phoebe P

This student was chosen for her performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Although she made it look easy, the scale of the role was huge, as she was in practically every scene. She was given this award, not just for her high standard of performance, but for the focus and dedication she showed throughout the rehearsal process.

Humanities Faculty


Frances H-D

This student was chosen for her creation of an iBook to assist with GCSE revision. This excellent recourse contained essential information and used innovative techniques to help with recall. This was an original and effective use of technology that was created entirely independently.