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Examination Results

Examination Results 2015

Stellar A Level Success for Heathfield Students

Thursday, August 13, 2015

NINE in ten exams at leading independent girls’ school Heathfield in Ascot have been awarded A*-C grades with 40% graded A*-A.

In an impressive set of results for the Berkshire school, three-quarters of students have achieved all A*-C grades in their A Levels.

Eight in ten girls achieved at least one A*-A grade in their exams while a third of the girls achieved at least two A*-A grades in their tally of A Levels.

An outstanding 70% of A Level exams taken at Heathfield scored A*-B grades.

Candidates achieved an exemplary clean sweep of A*-A grades in Art and Design, Spanish, German and Russian with all A*-B grades in History of Art and Music.

The results see pupils confirming places at top UK universities including Bristol, Exeter, Reading, Edinburgh, Newcastle and the University of the Arts London and at international institutions including the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Subjects the girls will read include Politics, History, Geography, Graphic Design, Food Science and International Business.

Head of Heathfield School, Mrs Jo Heywood, said: “This is a superb performance from our 2015 A Level candidates. All of our girls are now set to confirm their first choice places at university. Congratulations to all of the girls and to the Heathfield staff who have nurtured their talents and inspired them to success. I wish the girls all the best as they embark on their degree studies.”

A Level breakdown (grades by exams taken):
A* – 16%
A*-A – 40%
A*-B – 70%
A*-C – 90%
A*-E – 99%


Girls Celebrate GCSE Success at Heathfield School in Ascot

Thursday 20 August, 2015

MORE than one in five Year 11 students at leading girls’ school Heathfield in Ascot have achieved at least 6 A*-A grades each in their GCSE examinations.

Two girls were awarded a string of 11 A*-A grades each – with 17 A* grades between them – in a series of outstanding individual GCSE performances for the Berkshire school. Three others recorded at least 9 A*-A grades each.

Two-thirds of all the GCSE exams taken by Heathfield pupils, including GCSEs sat early, were awarded the highest A*-B grades (68%) with 40% achieving all A*-A grades.

In the core STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, all the girls performed strongly with 100% achieving all A*-C grades in Mathematics and Biology and nine in ten (92%) achieving all A*-C in Chemistry and Physics.

Girls also scored impressively in modern foreign languages with all A*-A grades in Chinese and Russian, 85% scoring A*-B grades in Spanish and seven in ten scoring A*-B grades in French. One Year 8 British student sat GCSE French three years early and achieved an outstanding A* grade.

Other top-performing subjects include History (100% A*-B), Music (100% A*-B) and Latin (100% A*-B).

Head of Heathfield School, Mrs Jo Heywood, said: ‘This year’s set of results have been marked by many individual outstanding performances and by a strong performance in the key academic subjects. I look forward to welcoming the girls back in September as many of them begin their A Level studies.’

Next month, the school, headed by Chemistry graduate Mrs Jo Heywood, will open a new state-of-the-art STEM block and will also welcome day girls for the first time.

GCSE grade breakdown for Heathfield School, Ascot:

All GCSE Examinations taken:
% of A*-A Grades – 40%
% of A*-B Grades – 68%
% of A*-C Grades – 93%
% of A*-D Grades – 100%

Individual results in Year 11:
At least 6 A*-A Grades – 21%
At least 4 A*-A Grades – 37%
At least 2 A*-A Grades – 63%
At least 5 A *-C Grades – 91%