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Faculty: Expressive Arts
Exercise Sport Wellbeing

Physical Education

“Sport marks out those who strive: it rewards inequality of both talent & application.”

Kevin Myers


At Heathfield we teach PE to encourage the girls to appreciate and understand the values of co-operation, leadership, self-esteem, self-discipline, and care and respect for others. We aim to instil in the girls a desire to be the best that they can be and reach the highest levels that they can achieve, be that at Representative level or having the confidence to join a club after leaving school.

We strive to meet each individual girl’s needs through a wide and varied programme of activities with an emphasis on physically educating the girls to have an understanding of the importance of having a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Key Stage 3

Girls in Forms I-III have three 70-minute lessons a week where they learn and develop not only sport specific skills but also the importance of life skills such as teamwork, leadership, decision-making, creativity, and communication. This is achieved through a wide variety of sports including Athletics, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Netball, Rounders, Swimming and Tennis.

Key Stage 4 / Sixth Form

The aim of our Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form programme is to prepare the girls for physical activity once they leave school. As well as covering the traditional sports, in Form IV girls are taught in half termly blocks introducing them to a variety of sports from which they can make a more informed decision about which ones to pursue in the following years. Sports covered are Aerobics, Badminton, Basketball, Fitness, Football, Indoor Hockey, Kayaking, Personal Survival, Rugby and Volleyball.

Form V and the Sixth Form join together for their PE lessons and are asked to choose their sports each term for their two 70-minute lessons a week


For girls who are good at and enjoy sport this is an excellent opportunity to gain a GCSE. In this course, the girls improve their knowledge and performance in a range of practical activities and will have the opportunity to learn about the principles and practices which lead to good performance. The course also develops confidence, self-esteem and a sense of team spirit.


  • To encourage girls to be inspired, motivated and challenged
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of their own and others’ cultures in relation to PE
  • To encourage creativity and decision-making skills to enable them to plan effectively for performances and to respond to changing situations
  • It also prepares girls to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices

Unit B451: An Introduction to Physical Education

  • Fundamental motor skills / Decision -Making / Etiquette & Sportsmanship
  • Components of fitness / Warm-Up & Cool-Down
  • Characteristics of a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle
  • Factors Affecting Performance & Participation

Unit B452: Practical Performance and Analysis of Lifestyle Task

A Choice of 2 sports from a wide range including athletics, horse riding, lacrosse, netball, personal survival, rounders, skiing, swimming, and tennis.

Controlled assessment analysis of lifestyle task: research your lifestyle in comparison to the characteristics of a healthy balanced lifestyle and analyse what changes you would make.

Unit B453: Developing Knowledge in Physical Education

  • Learning skills / Feedback / Motivation / Goal Setting
  • Skeleton / Muscles / Tendons / Movement
  • Effects of Exercise / Training Methods
  • Sponsorship / Media

Unit B454: Practical Performance and Analysis of Performance Task

One practical sport and either coach or officiate your chosen sport.

Controlled Assessment analysis of performance task: analyse your performance in a chosen sport and recognise your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve.


Unit B451: One written paper 20% of total marks

  • Section A = multiple-choice questions worth 15 marks
  • Section B = short answer and extended response questions worth 45 marks

Unit B452: Practical Performance & Analysis 30% of total marks

  • Section A = 2 Practical Performances worth 20 marks each
  • Section B = Analysis of Lifestyle Task worth 20 marks

Unit B453: One written paper 20% of total marks

  • Section A = multiple-choice questions worth 15 marks
  • Section B = short answer and extended response questions worth 45 marks

Unit B 454 = Practical Performance & Analysis worth 30% of total marks

  • Section A = one practical performance worth 20 marks and one performance as either coach or official worth 20 marks
  • Section B = Analysis of Performance Task worth 20 marks

A Level (OCR)

Physical Education is an excellent choice for anyone who has a keen interest in sport, an enquiring mind, who wants to know more about the effects of exercise and how the body reacts, wants to evaluate and improve their own performance, and wants to investigate sport around the world. Its breadth of content means it combines well with both the Humanities and the Science subjects.


  • To develop the skills and techniques required to perform effectively in physical activity
  • To apply and adapt the skills and techniques required to perform effectively in a variety of physical activities as well as in a variety of roles: performer, leader/coach, official
  • To develop the knowledge and understanding that will enable pupils to be physically active as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle and as part of a lifelong involvement in an active, healthy lifestyle
  • To understand and critically evaluate current key influences that might limit or encourage young people’s participation
  • To understand some of the contemporary issues regarding sport that have shaped its history and may affect its future

AS PE (2 Units)

  • An Introduction to Physical Education & Acquiring, Developing & Evaluating Practical Skills

Girls will acquire an appreciation of the following topic areas: Anatomy & physiology, acquiring movement skills, and socio-cultural studies

  • Acquiring, developing & evaluating practical skills in PE

Two practical activities are chosen to perform demonstrating individual skills as well as being involved in a competitive situation. A live performance in one of the practical activities is analysed.

A2 (2 Units)

  • Principles & Concepts across different areas of PE

This unit gives the student chance to go into more theoretical depth with a choice of 3 from 5 topics of interest.

  • Historical Studies: You will learn about the historical factors that impacted upon participation & competence in physical activity.
  • Comparative Studies: You learn about the factors that impacted upon participation & competence in Australia & USA and compare them with those in the UK.
  • Sports Psychology: Looks at the factors that influence and affect performance, such as Group Dynamics & Mental Preparation
  • Exercise & Sport Physiology: Looks at how the body changes as a result of physical activity and principles of training
  • Biomechanics: Looks at the biomechanical factors that influence performance such as linear motion in physical activity & force and physical activity

Extra Curricular

At Heathfield we pride ourselves on the fact that every girl in Forms I and II represents the school in Athletics, Lacrosse, Netball, Rounders, Swimming and Tennis. In Forms III and IV there are A and B teams in most sports and at senior level, 1st and 2nd teams.

As well as running teams and clubs in all our major sports, the Department offers girls the opportunity to join a variety of clubs such as Badminton, Fitness, Football, Polo, and Riding. These are open to all ages and abilities and are an excellent opportunity for older girls to coach and mix with the younger years.

There is a strong Interhouse structure which gives every girl in the school a chance to represent their House in both team and individual sports. Heathfield girls also go on to represent Berkshire in both Athletics and Lacrosse and some gain Regional and National honours.

There are regular sports tours to the USA and the school also competes in the British Schools’ Ski Championships in Flaine.


Lacrosse Tour 2014