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Girls after Heathfield

When I graduated as a doctor from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2005, I became the fourth generation of doctors in the Hunt family. Later this year I will join my father’s GP practice in central London and will be working from the same office as both my father and my grandfather did before me.

The staff at Heathfield were always very encouraging and gave me invaluable advice on how best to achieve a career in medicine. Academic achievement was highly prized by both pupils and teachers and every effort was made by both to ensure the best results.

I am convinced that part of my success in medicine stems from learning to communicate well and being a ‘people person’, an important element to being a doctor. I started at Heathfield at the age of 11 and the emphasis on friendship combined with the good pastoral care we received no doubt played a pivotal role in developing this.

In my mind, one of the best aspects about Heathfield is the size and intimacy of the school. The bonds you develop are so strong that the friends you make stay friends for life and I still see some school friends very regularly as though nothing has changed.  Sport was always a big part of my school life and I loved being able to get out every day to play lacrosse, netball or tennis. I also have very fond memories of singing with the choir, particularly “This Little Babe” at Christmas.