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Girls after Heathfield

After leaving Heathfield I did a degree in History of Modern Art, Film and Design at The University of Northumbria. After graduating I then took a course for six months in Digital Photography at the London College of Printing before going on to work for two years assisting photographers in London and building up my photography portfolio.

I travelled to Africa and settled in Cape Town for 9 months to work with new photographers and continued to build up my portfolio in reportage, portraiture and fashion. In 2003 I had my first solo exhibition in London selling work from my travels and life in Cape Town and for the next five years worked as a freelance photographer in London focusing on social photography and magazine work for the likes of Vogue, Tatler and H&Q.

My time at Heathfield brought me great friends and a confidence that I didn’t have when I arrived there. The encouragement I received from the photography teachers at school and their ability to inspire me was so important; photography was made fun. I am extremely grateful to Heathfield for nurturing my interests and setting me on this career path, which owing to having young children I am having a break from at present, but to which I will certainly return in due course.