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About Us

Ethos, Aims & Vision


Heathfield is a boarding and day school with a fine tradition which embraces the 21st Century with verve and vigour. This verve and vigour infiltrates every area of our school, providing a dynamic framework within which each girl becomes a key part of an exciting learning community.

From the moment a girl arrives at Heathfield, she is nurtured and helped to discover and develop her talents and abilities. Each girl’s contribution to the community is recognised and valued while discipline is enforced firmly but fairly.

Heathfield is a happy school where children can be children while they are also prepared for the future as they grow and mature.

Friendships flourish within Heathfield’s unique community and the girls make friends for life, while retaining a special place in their heart for the school.



For 2016/17: to Extend, to continue to drive Heathfield to be an outstanding school.


  1. Through meeting national externalised criteria
  2. Altering public perception of the academic standing of the school
  3. Expanding the infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the school


  1. Raising awareness of staff achievements
  2. Raising expectations / monitoring rigorous scrutiny and quality assurance
  3. Performance management to create a learning environment
  4. Academics, building leadership capacity at all levels, especially middle leaders


  1. Aspirations through redesigned and invigorated careers programme
  2. Academically demanding curriculum
  3. Highlighting excellence for all
  4. Raising expectations
  5. Pastoral tracking & sharing targets
  6. Independence



We strive to ensure that our pupils realise their full potential and leave Heathfield as young women eager and able to make a contribution to the world with the skills and talents they have discovered, developed and honed during their years at Heathfield.

As a school based on Church of England foundations, we aim to guide our pupils to live their lives with a strong moral and spiritual code, appreciating their own good fortune in receiving a fine education at Heathfield and determined to respect and help others, both in their immediate and the wider community.

Our vision is achieved by working together as staff, pupils and parents to maintain and develop the successful and happy learning community that makes Heathfield so special.

Heathfield girls are individuals, all with their own unique mix of talents, but they share a sense of awe and wonder for the world and a certain confidence, resilience and adaptability for dealing with its challenges in the years ahead.