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Welcome to Heathfield School. A leading independent boarding and day school for girls aged 11-18.
Welcome to Heathfield School. A leading independent boarding and day school for girls aged 11-18.
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Press Release
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Heathfield Fashion Show

30th March 2017

The coveted fashion show element of our annual Music, Drama and Fashion show, following the 2017 theme of Victorian Circus.


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Monday 19th
  • 16.15 Announcement of Head Girl Team, Heads of House and School prefects
  • 13.30 GCSE Arabic Listening, Reading
  • 13.30 GCSE RS: Christian Scriptures 1
  • 13.30 GCSE Classical Civilisation: Community Life
  • 13.30 A Level RS: Religion and Ethics
  • 08.30 A Level Business: Activities, Decisions and Strategy
  • 08.30 A Level French Written Response and Research
  • 08.30 A Level Chemistry: Synthesis and Analytical Techniques
  • 08.30 A Level Music: Historical and Analytical Written Studies
  • All day Austen Duty Week
  • All day Taster Day for new Form I Girls
Tuesday 20th
  • 16.15 Inter House Maths Challenge
  • 13.30 A Level Maths: Core Mathematics C3
  • 13.30 A Level Classics: Virgil and World of Hero
  • 13.30 L6 Talk by Ms D Linton, Reading University Admissions Officer
  • 08.30 A Level Biology: Advanced Physiology, Evolution and Ecology
  • 08.30 A Level Government and Politics: Governing the USA
  • 08.30 A Level History of Art Unit 4
  • All day Form I Independent Learning Project
Wednesday 21st
  • 16.15 Headmistress’s Open Door for Form II
  • 16.00 Exam Result Data Input on SIMS
  • 13.30 GCSE Dance
  • 13.30 GCSE Russian Writing
  • 08.30 A Level History: Themes in Breadth with Aspects of Depth
  • 08.30 A Level Physics Paper 2
  • 08.30 A Level Russian: Research, Understanding and Written Response
Thursday 22nd
  • 13.30 A Level Psychology: Issue and Options in Psychology
  • 08.30 A Level Spanish Written Response and Research
  • 08.30 A Level English Lit: Comparative and Contextual Studies
  • 08.30 GCSE Arabic Writing
  • All day Form I History Trip to Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral
  • All day Form III Independent Learning Project
Friday 23rd
  • 16.00 Forms I – IV and L6 (reformed) Full Report Deadline to Tutors
  • 13.30 A Level Business: Investing Business in a Competitive Environment
  • 08.30 A Level Drama and Theatre Studies Unit 3
  • 08.30 A Level Core Mathematics C4
Weekend 24th/25th
  • 19.00 Chapel
  • 17.30 Films in the SMAT
  • 16.15 Water walkers in the pool
  • 15.00 First Aid Course
  • 13.30 Tennis, Rounders and Ice Cream Sundaes
  • 13.30 L6 Ascot and Windsor
  • 11.00 Riding
  • 10.45 L6 Brunch
  • 10.00 Pizza making at Pizza Express
  • 09.30 Level 3 Lacrosse Umpiring Course run by WR
  • 09.00 Light breakfast for Forms I and II
  • 19.00 Movies and Munchies for All
  • 13.30 Form II trip to Camberley
  • 13.30 L6 Trip to Reading, shopping, cinema and supper
  • 09.30 Sport for Form II
  • All day Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh (Forms III and IV)
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