COVID-19 planning information

We are very keen to maintain lines of communication with you to ensure that we can make the process of joining the school as easy as possible. We also want to let you know our plans that will ensure that Heathfield is as safe as possible. Please download our COVID-19 guidance brochures for Day girls and Boarders for more information.

Download brochure for boardersDownload brochure for day girls

Current Guidance

As the Government are changing the guidance for schools on a regular basis, please check the Public Health England website for current advice:

What parents are saying about Heathfield

“Our Daughter has surpassed her own and our expectations in her grades.
A huge thank you to Heathfield for the wonderful education she has received on so many levels.”


“There is no other school like Heathfield. Heathfield is so different to any other school I looked at for my daughter. Their naturally caring nature is second to none.”


“Heathfield gave our daughter the confidence in herself to pursue her dream.”