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“To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse.”

Rawsi Williams

SurgeryHeathfield Surgery

The Nursing Sisters of Heathfield’s Surgery are on hand to deal with the twisted ankles, the winter flu, and the inevitable sprained fingers from netball, but they are also there as a listening ear providing pastoral support to girls in every year group. They maintain a direct line of communication with parents and guardians regarding their children’s health and wellbeing, whether this is in regards to the injuries acquired skiing over half term, or the colds caught in school. The Heathfield School Surgery is a fully equipped infirmary open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide overall medical care for both students and staff.

In addition to the waiting room and consultation room, the surgery also has both a single room and a three bedded room for when the girls are sick and need a little extra TLC. It is an urban legend in the school that the bed in the single room is in fact the most comfortable in the school, and the girls sometimes get so cosy the Sisters have trouble getting them out!

The Surgery is located in the main building and run by three Nursing Sisters – Sister Margaret, Sister Emma and our part time Nurse Sister Leanne (whom the girls have aptly nicknamed Sister Friday). The Nursing Sisters are fully trained to deal with injuries and illness, and hold daily surgeries for medical consultations before school, during lunch, and in the evening. They also hold various specialist qualifications in areas such as asthma and diabetes, and are experienced in providing advisory services in travel and vaccinations.

Dr Leach, the school GP, visits the premises twice a week. A counsellor is on hand, and routinely comes to school twice a week but is also available to visit at other times when required. A physiotherapist also visits the school twice a week in order to provide long term care for injuries. In addition to the in-house services provided, the school utilises local orthodontists, dentists, clinics and hospitals.