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Austen de Valois Seacole Somerville

House System

The House System

Upon entry at Heathfield each girl is placed in a House. Siblings will automatically join the same House.

There are four vertical Houses named after inspirational women from different fields of expertise, namely Austen, de Valois, Seacole and Somerville. Each House, headed by a Head of House and assisted by two House Captains from LVI, has its own identity and is in charge of six weekends throughout the academic year. Each girl wears a distinctive House badge and a House shirt when competing in interhouse events. These events and competitions span the whole spectrum of sporting, creative and academic fields from Poetry Declamation to Tennis, House Music and Drama to Debating and Mathematics competitions. The Inter-house competitions span a huge range of activities, ensuring all girls have an opportunity to compete for their House. At the end of each term the results are compiled and the House with the highest number of points is awarded the much coveted House Shield as well as a special outing.

The House system is designed to encourage a healthy competitive spirit as well as a sense of belonging to a caring and supportive group.